by The Hill and Wood

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released September 12, 2014



all rights reserved


The Hill and Wood Charlottesville, Virginia

The Hill and Wood is an indie-folk outfit that specializes in sparkly harmonies.

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Track Name: The First Time
i know i don't have to wait to hold you close until we say goodnight
i like it when we talk for hours and then i finally look into your eyes
it's not every day you get to share a piece of someone who you like
only wish i have would be to get the chance to look into your eyes
for the first time

i don't feel the weight of all the weight so many people feel inside
things are lighter now that i have finally come to rest along your side
used to see the world so dimly like it was a figure in my mind
but that's come and gone and i can safely say that it's another time
it's another time

where are we
so far from eternity
so far from certainty
so far from the other side
Track Name: Let A Good Thing Grow
all the letters that i wrote to you
never made to the postman's hand
all the times i could have followed through
tried too hard to understand

all the answers that have come to me
never did 'cause i was serious
all the good that i have seen so far
never happened 'cause i tried so hard

if you come alone
step right in
everyone is giving
birth to something

when you're feeling like you're in too deep
you're still looking for the mountain pass
can't be dreaming if you're not asleep
gotta let it go, the night won't last

the woods are dark but full of diamonds
gotta go to fetch one out
can't be riding on a smile
can't ask no questions how

you don't need a reason
to let a good thing grow
you can't bear it if
i say so
Track Name: Oil Spill
well the room is on fire
from the spark of a word
and your hair ignites
and all the colors disperse
my breath, it feeds the fire
and it smells of Trago
and gasoline

the sea of my heart
turns from blue into black
and I feel it getting hard
to ever go back
'cause i've seen what's deeper in me
and it is a black night
spilling inside

it's not a matter of will, it's a matter of time
it's a bottomless pit that is full of bottomless crimes

will you follow me down
as far as you can
it takes more than a dream
it takes more than a man
it takes everything I'm not
and what you are
to cover the scars
Track Name: Shadow Show
through the dark behind the back door
there passes a stranger who travels unseen
could've sworn he's been here before
but i'm always unsure if it’s memory or dream

winter falls back into place
i'm waking up with my hands on my face
i feel the breath of a terrible beast
crawls over my shoulder and down to my feet

dawn wades in from the shore
spreads out onto the floor
keeps the stranger at bay
but he won’t stay away

i don't fear the things that i did
like falling in rivers when i was a kid
all the things that i now fear
all hide in the shadows, still yet to appear

they will come and go
pull you in for a show
they might not look the same
but they still know your name
Track Name: Tenth of September
I took the stand to witness to a bench of judges
To tell them what I thought love was. They all had your face.
I raised my hand and stared them all right in the eye
But to my surprise, I had nothing to say.

One by one they all left the premises.
And left me wondering what the matter was.
I had a file of written pages
When I opened it up it was nothing but X's

And I woke up alone for the first time that I can remember
It was the tenth of September at your place
I haven't looked outside but I heard there's been a change of weather
Since we were together, the other day

I meet my shrink in the morning mirror
Wait for him to make it clearer
An impasse of negotiations
Thinking of what the other's feeling

It's been so long since I made my mind up
Staring at the bottom of an empty cup
Wondering how I can run behind me
I fall back asleep so you can remind me
Track Name: Station Side
Waiting by the station side my ticket in my hand
Nothing’s ever come for me but I can’t pass a chance
The want of certainty has yet to hinder me

Cars go by, the light resigns, the hours encircle me
It’s just enough to lose myself and fall to reverie
The sky is getting black but I’m not turning back

Trains pull in the crowd descends, the people pass in twos
Fascinations all around but I still think of you
The times have changed, you say. So why do I remain?

Memories they swarm as bees they bury my body deep
The swarm appears, they lure me near but I won’t go astray
My gaze is steady on the vanishing horizon